Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hellers Bakery in my mouth. Saturday morning being local and hipster at the farmer's market
with Alyssa.

Late Summer Fun

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No one knows why all my recent photos wanted to be black and white. We're just going with it. This post gets us caught up to present day, where I find myself browsing on wedding blogs instead of doing homework. I have had the last couple of days off to get my head back in the game, catch up on lectures, and just be.

Jeremy and I take a long weekend trip to Williamsburg for some coaster riding
and historical reenacting.

Brother came to visit, and we went to Abe Lincoln's cottage!

Alyssa is back in town, people. Nats game.

Jenny comes to DC. We are juice fasting in this photo. We wanted to go five days, but
only lasted 24 hours!

Stormy walk-jogs to the 8th Wonder of the World.

My first time standing up on the paddle board. Scared for life.

A weekend with Mom and Sister in an undisclosed location. So fun, relaxing, and renewing.


This is my favorite pic from the night we got engaged, August 15th, 2014. It's an accurate view of what your heart feel like when you best friend whips out a beautiful ring on the Tidal Basin and asks to marry you.

My Mundo Lately

Oh. My. Two months have passed since I last posted. That is a long time. So much has happened between now and July 3rd. I finished my second semester of school, survived my first clinical rotation, celebrated some really fun weddings, and got engaged. Faithful readers, you already know all of these things because you are mostly my real life friends. Yet, maybe it's the scrapbooker in me, but it feels important to mark these things on the old blog. Here are some photos from the summer.

Sarah comes to DC.

The family at Brent and Bri's wedding.

Team Etzel-Lowe.

Little Cousin Alex marries Beautiful Kelsey.

Mommy accidentally ruins the interior of the Pabst mansion.

Lovers and friends 'till the end.

MFS/Nans/Stephanie's wedding with great friends.

We laughed all dinner long.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Years ago, one of my dear friends gave this card to me. I've had it framed for ages in my apartment, but I re-noticed it for the first time in a while tonight. Good. Stuff.