Easy Half Marathon Training Steps

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In less than six weeks, I am running my fourth half marathon. I thought I'd share some of the training principles that have brought me where I am today.

  1. Sign up for a race that is really far away, so that you don't have to start official training for months. 
  2. Tell yourself you will build some base mileage before official training starts, but instead, do nothing. 
  3. Choose a beginner half marathon training program that has you running 4-5 days a week, and start this program 2 weeks late.
  4. Only run 2 times a week, and never for as long as indicated. For example, if the plan says run 5 miles, walk / jog 3 miles.
  5. Consider "cross-training days" as rest days. Do not ever stretch more than 30 seconds before or after a run.
  6. One week before the race, run your last "long run" before the half. Do a terrible job and cry as you walk home, inevitably cutting the long run short by like, 3 miles.
  7. On the night before the half, stay up past midnight, splitting bottles of wine with your race day friends.
  8. On race morning, wake up before 5:00AM and nervously pee every 20 minutes until the race start.
  9. Run your half marathon, swearing never to do another one again. Ever. Again.
  10. Finish the race, and sign up for your next half. (Repeat above steps.)
If you need any other tips, just let me know.


  1. B!!!! I die. This is my training program.

    1. I know, B. Maybe someday we will follow the plan an prescribed.